NEW! Vol. 5 Paperback: Gluten-Free Alkaline Electric Recipes from Ty’s Conscious Kitchen The Sebian Way

Volume 5: Alkaline Electric Recipes from Ty’s Conscious Kitchen: Gluten-Free Edition is now available!

This premium, paperback version cookbook contains 54 new recipes created using ingredients from Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide that are delicious and can also be enjoyed by those that are gluten-sensitive.  There are also helpful resources included such as a suggested shopping guide, 5 day meal plan and more right at your fingertips!

You’ll find gluten-free versions of some of Ty’s famous recipes including “Chicken” & Waffles, Pizza, & Hot Dogs along with Ty’s take on “Fish” & Grits, Crepes, Teff Sausage & more!

See the full list of recipes in the table of contents image and don’t forget to check out more gluten-free recipes available throughout Ty’s other volumes!

Complete your series of Ty’s cookbooks with a convenient copy for your kitchen.  Thanks for your support and enjoy the recipes!

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