Usha Village Traveling Tips & Advice

Usha Village Honduras Dr Sebi Travel Tips and Advice

Traveling To Usha Village

It was quite a trek for us to travel to Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village in Honduras a few months ago. This experience was due to a combination of everything we did to get there. I share more on that at the end of the post.

Since it’s always helpful to hear perspective from others that have gone before you, I created the following vlog (posted below) to share some quick tips and advice on traveling to Usha Village healing retreat.  Also, as promised I have listed some highlights from the video to keep in mind when preparing to go to the village and while you’re there.

Dr. Sebi Usha Village Travel Tips & Advice

NOTE: For the most up to date information follow up with Usha Village directly to confirm all details as this is only a quick checklist and is not fully inclusive.  You can also reach out to Saama Bowman, Dr. Sebi’s daughter, who runs the village and L.A. office, on Facebook as well. is another resource.

First Steps:

  1. Obtain a passport.
    • Before you can travel internationally, you’ll need to get a passport.  It takes 4-6 weeks to process the application, unless you pay or qualify to expedite it.  Be sure to keep this time frame in mind while completing the next tip.
  2. Check for availability at Usha Village for your desired travel dates.
    • Reach out to Usha Village to confirm room availability for the dates you’d like to stay.  You can email them at:
      T – (504) 2449-0616
      C: (504) 9964-1349
      PBX: (504) 2408-1170
  3. Book flights to La Ceiba (not included in cost of Usha Village stay).
    • This part requires some research to find the best option as there are three airports you can check for traveling to Usha Village.
      • La Ceiba: LCE : closest airport to the village;
      • Roatan: RTB : you’d need to travel from this island via ferry to La Ceiba, on one of two trips they complete daily.  Missing the connection may result in an overnight stay so keep this in mind when booking.  Also you’ll need allow for transfers from the airport to the ferry and then from the ferry to the village.  Coordinate pickup through Usha Village.
      • San Pedro Sula: SAP : includes a 3 hour drive from airport to the village.  Coordinate the transfer through Usha Village. (We used this option.)
  4. Check with Usha Village to confirms the rates for a companion traveler.  One is needed depending on your illness, which is covered when you’re completing their intake form.  The last quote I’m aware of is $75 per day (not including herbs).
  5. WiFi is available at the village.

Discounts / Groups

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Facebook page often announces special discounted rates so be sure to connect with them to stay updated.

Also, for discounted rates and group rates, check out this  Facebook Group.  There’s an active discussion on those that are traveling there as well as those that have already been.  Here you can connect with others that may be traveling there at the same time as you.  There’s also more detailed information shared within the group about what to pack or bring and other protocols.

Our Experience

As I mentioned above, it took a lot for us to make it to Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village.  This was because it was more economical for us to drive five hours down to Miami, FL.  So, we drove down the night before our flight to Honduras and stayed overnight.  The next day was a long one, counting the day at the airport, flight and international requirements of customs.  

Since we coordinated our travel through the Facebook group I linked to above, it was nice as we linked up with our group when we arrived at SAP airport.  From there we took the scenic route to the village and it was absolutely beautiful to take in all of the wonderful sights of Honduras.  We were very tired when we arrived but it was well worth it.  We hope to do it again one day soon with the family!

Be sure to check out “Our Vlog Journey To Usha Village” including us taking the Duck therapy exclusive to the village, along with touring the village.  You’ll get to see firsthand what everything looks like.  They have also been constantly updating so when you travel there, you might find more surprises!  If you’ve already been, feel free to chime in to share your experience with others!

Our Journey To Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village In Honduras