Where I Buy My Ingredients From Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Food Guide

Where To Buy Alkaline Electric Food Items

Making a commitment to follow an alkaline lifestyle is an awesome decision towards taking control of your health.  Focusing on eating an electric cuisine using food items primarily from Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide can add amazing benefits to this lifestyle yet it can also create new challenges.

How?  One challenge is coming up with recipes using the few electric items that are approved, and Ty’s Conscious Kitchen addresses this firsthand with basic dishes and alternatives to some of our old starchy favorites.  AThe other challenge is actually being able to find some of those items.

Limited access to food items listed on the nutritional guide can limit your options to incorporate them altogether, so in this post we’ll cover where you can find some of these items.  As we discover more resources we’ll be sharing it with you and compiling a list.

Here, Ty talks about where he has found some of the items he uses in his videos and where he purchases them.

What items from Dr. Sebi’s nutritional list do you have access to? Let us know where you buy your favorite items from so that we can share it with others that are on this journey.

Where I Buy My Alkaline Electric Ingredients

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