Top 10 Kitchen Appliances On A Budget

Top 10 Kitchen Appliances On A Budget

Our Top 10 Most Used Kitchen Items On A Budget!

Incorporating Alkaline Electric meals into your lifestyle is definitely about taking your power back over your health and making a commitment to yourself and your family.

Along our journey, we’ve “re-introduced” ourselves to the kitchen more than before and have found many ways to save on time spent there.

Since we’ve received quite of few requests for which appliances are needed to start off with, I put together the top 10 kitchen items we use the most in our household.  Not only that, I share where you can find them on a budget!

Check out what’s possible when you go beyond shopping at the traditional stores!

You’ll find the full list below along with my shopping video!

Here are the Top 10 Kitchen Items We Use Most:

  1. Blender
  2. Food Processor
  3. Juicer
  4. Bread Machine
  5. Coffee Grinder
  6. Sharp Knives
  7. Baking Sheets
  8. Pasta Machine
  9. Pots/Pans/Cookware
  10. Glassware
  11. Bonus: Slow Cooker

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