Uva Ursi & Its Powerful Benefits

Uva Usi Bearberry

Uva Ursi, also know as Bearberry / Arctostaphylos

Uva Ursi, also known as Bearberry, is an evergreen plant which grows in the alpine forests of North America and Europe. These powerful leaves are known to have been used by the indigenous people of America for hundreds of years to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Uva Ursi is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It also helps with detoxifying the bladder and treating arthritis.

Some of the other known benefits of Uva Ursi helps with:

  • liver ailments
  • kidney stones
  • chronic diarrhea
  • water retention
  • cystitis (bladder infection)
  • nephritis
  • vaginal infection
  • herpes
  • cold sores
  • weight loss
  • diabetes
  • poor eyesight
  • venereal disease (VD)
  • healing cuts
  • wounds
  • skin depigmentation


Note: Please consult with an herbalist or health care practitioner for any diagnosis or treatment recommendations.

Note: Do not use during pregnancy. Do not take in large does due to the herb’s oxalate content.

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