Ty’s Conscious Kitchen Goes To Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village In Honduras | Ty Takes The Duck! Vlog #1

Ty and LP Visit Usha Village Honduras

Ty Takes The “Duck” At Usha Village – VLOG #1

Last week we finally had the opportunity to visit Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village in Honduras.  We had been planning to visit last year, with hopes of meeting Dr. Sebi, when we learned that he had transitioned, Rest In Power Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi has done so much for our people and his legacy is crucial to the health and longevity of our current and future generations.  Although we tabled our plans then, we knew our purpose wouldn’t be complete without going.  We hope to one day take the whole family.

For my first vlog, I’m sharing my experience of taking the “Duck” aka Flor de Pato, that Dr. Sebi talked about (video posted below).  It was rough but it was worth it.  In my next vlog, I’ll be sharing the meal I helped to prepare while we were there so don’t forget to subscribe for updates.

You can also find LP Share’s experience below too!

Peace & Love


Ty Takes The "Duck" At Usha Village - VLOG #1

LP Share Survives The "Duck"! - VLOG #1

Our Journey To Dr. Sebi's Usha Village!