LP Share Survives The “Duck”! – Vlog #1

LP SHARE Takes The DUCK Vlog 1

DISCLOSURE: PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that this is a powerful therapy and I was cleared to take the duck flower by a professional while under the supervision of the Usha Healing Village. I strongly advise against taking/using the duck flower without first being evaluated by a professional beforehand.

Ty and I just returned from our first ever trip to the famous Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village in Honduras! We experienced a lot and will be sharing more of our journey, so stay tuned to our channels for updates!

As you may know from my social media, I was finally able to take the “Duck” therapy while at Usha Village. Due to the questions I received, I skipped my first few VLOGs to update everyone on my experience, so this became Vlog #1.

Peace & Love

Watch My "Duck" Flower Experience Here!

Our Journey To Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village In Honduras