Make Homemade Pasta With Or Without A Pasta Maker! Simple & Delicious!

Alkaline Electric Spelt Pasta Sauce

We absolutely love pasta and if you love it too and wish to keep it Alkaline Electric centered, you definitely have options! 

There are many varieties of pasta available out there but with so many additives or unwanted ingredients, it can be tough to navigate.  This is especially true if you wish to use specific flours, like those made with suggested grains on Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide, including the ancient grain spelt.  We believe that the absolute best way to know what’s in your food is to make it yourself.  Yes, pasta included!

You Can Do It!

Ty’s Conscious Kitchen has put together the following recipes & tutorials to show you just how quick and simple it is to make yourself a fresh batch of pasta.  You can make it with or without a pasta machine and once you taste the difference of fresh pasta over what you’ve had in the past, you just might get hooked on it like we are!

Below you can navigate to the full recipes available on our website and if you want to just skip to the tutorials, keep on scrolling!

Enjoy your fresh pasta and don’t forget to share your results with us, we’d love to hear from you!

Alkaline Electric Pasta Tutorials!