How To Dry Fresh Homemade Pasta

How To Dry Homemade Spelt Pasta

So now that you’re familiar with “How To Make Spelt Pasta Using A Pasta Machine” I’d like to share some tips and tricks we’ve learned about how to dry fresh homemade pasta.

When making fresh homemade pasta it’s important to thoroughly dry your noodles before storing them away.   There are several ways to do this and in the tutorial below, I’m showing how this can be achieved without using a pasta drying rack! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that many of the items I’m using are already in your home.

*Tip: In the video I touch on how you can freeze your Alkaline Electric Pasta.  It’s recommended to flash freeze your fresh pasta while on the tray for about five minutes before packing into a storage bag to be frozen.  This helps to set the noodles and you can skip the drying process altogether.

Below you’ll also find online options for some of the items shown in the video.

Tips For Drying Homemade Pasta