7 Dr. Sebi Lifestyle Transition Tips

7 Dr Sebi Transition Tips LP Share

7 Tips to Get Started On Your Alkaline Electric Journey!

You may have found your way to Dr. Sebi’s methodology due to a variety of reasons, including healing & eating healthier.  Whatever the reason, if it’s a new approach or lifestyle for you, it won’t likely be what you’re used to and will take some adjustments.

We’ve been traveling this Alkaline Electric road for several years now, and have gone through lots of trial and error along the way.  Since we know it can be a daunting journey to adopt this lifestyle while you’re healing or becoming healthier, I put together some tips that will not only make the transition to this methodology smoother, they can also help you stick to it while carving out what works for you overall.

In the video below, I cover the 7 tips listed in detail to help get you started with an Alkaline Electric way of eating while following Dr. Sebi’s methodology:

1. Research Dr. Sebi’s methodology
2. Download & learn the nutritional guide
3. Shopping
4. Fast/Detox
5. Research
6. Meal Prep / Plan
7. Find Support

As always, feel free to ask any questions and we’ll help in any way we can!  Also remember you can find free recipes right here or in Ty’s cookbooks!

LP Share Explains 7 Tips To Get Started!

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