Apple Ginger Rye Flakes Cereal: Ty’s Original Recipes™

Apple Ginger Rye Flakes Pic

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Ty’s Original Recipes™! 

So far, Ty has created three delicious Alkaline Electric Recipes:

Alkaline Electric Savory Quinoa

Alkaline Electric Spicy Quinoa

Alkaline Electric Apple-Ginger Rye Flakes

These recipes include all the ingredients needed to quickly and easily prepare them at home or on the go, just add water and boil!  Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

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This One Is Personal!

We say that this one is personal because Ty’s roll out of his Apple-Ginger Rye Flakes redeems his youngest from the disappointment she felt when learning about the ingredients in her oatmeal back in the day!  If you missed it, check out the videos posted below!

We are all just happy that this cereal now gives us all an opportunity to enjoy an Alkaline Electric recipe, that is a great oatmeal alternative, with real organic ingredients we can read on the labels!

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Apple-Ginger Rye Flakes: Ty’s Original Recipes™

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