Which Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide is Correct?

Which Nutritional Guide is Correct

If you’ve heard of Dr. Sebi before, chances are you already know about his methodology of African Bio-Mineral therapy. 

You also likely know that along with his herbal compounds, he provides recommendations on what you can eat to enhance your benefits, in the form of a Nutritional Guide.

This guide includes fruits, vegetables, ancient grains and herbs that are original to the Earth and not hybrid.  This nutritional list serves as a source of hope for many that seek healing from life threatening diseases as well as a general road map to eating foods that are nourishing, alkalizing & electric for our bodies.

Which List Do I Follow?

“Is it on the list?” is a frequent question among transitioners and seasoned Sebians alike.  Our main point of reference is Dr. Sebi’s website, Dr.Sebiscellfood.com, where the recommended Nutritional Guide is available in both a list format and a .pdf document.  When compared, it’s been noted that both lists on the website do not entirely match.  From there a second question becomes, which list should be followed?

Since I had placed a recent order from Dr. Sebi’s office in mid April, I compared the list I received to both on the website and noticed some differences.  I emailed the office and was advised to follow the Nutritional Guide included with my order, as it is the most up to date. They also stated that Dr. Sebi’s website is being updated and will be relaunched in the upcoming months.

For those that would like to review the latest guide, the images of the pamphlet are below.  I encourage you to review and compare it to the list you have and keep an eye out for upcoming changes from Dr. Sebi’s site going forward.

NOTE:  If you are dealing with a serious illness please contact Dr. Sebi’s office directly to have your specific concerns addressed. 


Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Nutritional Guide 1


Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Nutritional Guide 2

Why So Many Changes?

One thing we’ve learned along the way is that the guide will go through changes.  Items may be added and items may be removed at any time.  We may not always be aware of when or why changes occur.  In the past, the way food items were grown, cultivated or processed factored into why they were removed.

Ultimately, it’s a personal decision on how we manage the information provided.  Working through the foods we do have, growing our own food, and making informed choices from what’s available in our areas are some options, to name a few. 

One thing that’s highly likely is that any variation of the list would still be a major improvement to the Western diet.  Here at Ty’s Conscious Kitchen, we’ll keep working with what we have to bring you more alkaline electric meals, that are creative and tasty, using the items from Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide!