NEW Gluten-Free Edition Cookbook is Here!

New Vol. 5 Gluten-Free Edition

Since the start of Ty’s Conscious Kitchen, I received quite a few requests for gluten-free alternatives to some of the Alkaline Electric recipes I created.  Gluten-free flours, like chickpea, quinoa, & teff, are completely different types of flours to work with, and regular substitutions don’t always work.

After taking a break to work on some new recipes, I’m happy to share them in my new cookbook, Alkaline Electric Recipes from Ty’s Conscious Kitchen: Vol. 5 Gluten-Free Edition!

This cookbook includes over 50 recipes that everyone can enjoy whether you’re sensitive to gluten or not.  You’ll find all new recipes like Teff Waffles & Sausage, Crepes and Pasta as well as gluten-free versions of  Pizza, “Chicken” & Waffles, “Fish” & Grits & Herb Bread.  Scroll down to see what’s inside!  Of course, as with all of my recipes I can tell you that they “look delicious and taste delicious!”

Order your copy today and thanks in advance for your support!

Peace & Love,

Chef Ty

New Vol. 5 Alkaline Electric Gluten-Free Recipes Cookbook!

All Brand New Alkaline Electric Gluten-Free Recipes! See what's inside!

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