Purple Sea Moss : Wildcrafted, Sun-Dried: 2 oz.: Atlantic Cold Water

This Purple Sea Moss is a seaweed that comes fresh from the ocean and is sun-dried.  It possesses many healing properties and an impressive nutritional content, containing 92 of 102 minerals found in our electrical bodies.  There are various forms of sea moss all of which are mineral dense.

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More Info:

We offer wild crafted sun dried Purple Sea Moss, which is a species of seaweed that grows along the rocky coasts of the Atlantic ocean. It is nutrient and mineral dense and contains 92 of the 102 minerals found in our electrical bodies.  When made as a gel, it can be used an alkaline electric or vegan thickener and emulsifier.  It’s a great addition to smoothies, soups and other recipes found on our website.  Additionally can be used as a gelling agent for raw food desserts, ice creams and more!  Refrigerate after preparing gel in glass container.

Ingredients: Dried Wild Crafted Purple Sea Moss: Atlantic Cold Water (Chondrus Crispus)

Instructions: Take 1 oz. sea moss, cover & soak in spring water to rehydrate, up to 8 hours. Rinse thoroughly to remove any sand & ocean debris. Blend with up to 1 cup spring water to make gel.  Adjust water amount as preferred.  Refrigeration will thicken the gel.

Storage Info: Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place. Gel must be refrigerated.
Country of Origin: North America