Shopping For Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric Foods – Farmers & International Markets

Mini Shopping Haul for Dr Sebi Foods Vlog

A lot has changed since our last shopping vlog. After moving, we had to learn a new city, explore new stores and start our search all over again for the suggested items on Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide.

Join us while shopping the Farmer’s & International markets for Dr. Sebi recommended food items!  In this video we share some of the places we were able to find oyster mushrooms, young coconuts and more!

Our mini food haul was with intention.  We were mainly looking for oyster mushrooms to make Ty’s Alkaline Electric “Chicken” & Waffles, and picked up a few more items to make the following recipes.  I’ve linked to all of them, as promised!  Enjoy!

Oyster Mushrooms: Alkaline Electric “Chicken” & Waffles

Young coconuts: Alkaline Electric Coconut Milk

Kale: Alkaline Electric Kale Chips

Green Bananas (Medium/Baby): Alkaline Electric Homefries

Zucchini: Alkaline Electric Zucchini “Bacon”

Chayote Squash: Alkaline Electric Chayote Mushroom Soup

Habanero: Alkaline Electric Hot Sauce

Ginger: Alkaline Electric Ginger Shot & Alkaline Electric Ginger Tea

Bell Peppers: Alkaline Electric Stuffed Peppers

Peaches: Alkaline Electric Peach Tarts

Shallots: Alkaline Electric “Garlic” Inspired Sauce

Creamed Coconut: Alkaline Electric Frosting